Is 60” the norm?

Generally, if we are to decide on a height to hang a painting, we make sure that the painting looks good relative  
While you’re here... can you...?

When scheduling a projekt with Pushkin & Gogol, please provide us with the full scope of the job. We typically service multiple clients installation requests in a day, so please keep in mind we have
All jobs have a two hour mi 

It’s just one lil thing, can I just pay for one hour for one person? 

The two hour minimum stands on all jobs.  
I would like to book two hours for one art handler to install a few things? One of those is a painting in a stairwell... 

When booking an installation, two handlers are generally required for the job. This is mainly for liability, care and to provide the best quality work. When we are asked for one handler and the small work turns out to be 6ft square, this is very awkward.